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Prince George's County home sales - Washington Post
Prince George's County home salesWashington PostA6-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jacqueline Orellana, $60,000. Riggs Rd., 7957, No. 8-Osiris .... Lanier Ave., 5416-Quinzella McDowell and Aaron Wilson to Odette Rose Ferron, $215,000. Maria Ave., 6012-Percy and ...and more »

Deeds for June 25. 2015 - Troy Messenger
Deeds for June 25. 2015Troy MessengerLanier Edwards to Gary, Shirley Ruis 4.65 acres on Pike County Road 1107 Section 13 Township 11 N Range 19 E for $100 on June 17. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Sam Green 327 County Road 4418 Brundidge for $10,000 on April 2.

CapStar, Deane | Smith, LP, Lovell, TSU announce updates - Nashville Post (subscription)
CapStar, Deane | Smith, LP, Lovell, TSU announce updatesNashville Post (subscription)Beth Bennett has joined CapStar's compliance team led by Sandi Lanier, senior vice president of loan operations and compliance manager. Bennett has served as ... She will be based in CapStar's Farmington Mortgage office in Green Hills. Melissa Outten ...

Waldo County deed transfers -
Waldo County deed transfersPenBayPilot.comMerrimack Mortgage Company Inc., Sean and Jennifer Weed and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Aurora Loan Services LLC. Aurora Loan Services LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Theresa G. Blackadar and ...and more »

Integrative Cancer Care Makes a Difference - (press release)
Integrative Cancer Care Makes a (press release)Creditors began telephoning on a daily basis and the mortgage lender (with no regard for my health challenges) proceeded to initiate foreclosure on my home. At times, this stress became greater than the pain and discomfort of enduring cancer surgery ...and more »

Lawn chair fishing vs. tournament fishing - Tryon Daily Bulletin
Tryon Daily BulletinLawn chair fishing vs. tournament fishingTryon Daily BulletinEntry fees of $30 or less, smaller boats of every shape, less rules, and a more laid back atmosphere. It's still a contest, but you don't have to mortgage the house to play. Stu Davidson organizes just such a tournament each year on Lake Lanier near Tryon.

Dan River Region real estate transfers -
Dan River Region real estate transfersGoDanRiver.comFannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Frank Shields, lot 35, 122 Chestnut St., $17,500. » Durend Neal Holley to Barbara D. Stanfield, lot 12, section M. 169 Westmore Drive, $61,800. » M&A Contracting to ... Donald L. Graham, Graham ...

Montgomery County and Frederick County home sales - Washington Post
Montgomery County and Frederick County home salesWashington PostAspen Hill Rd., 4618-Eduardo P. and Rosalinda Halili to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $259,297. Bauer Dr., 14644-Bradley and Ekaterina White ..... Lanier Dr., 2104-George L. McConnell to Devonshire Corp., $290,000. Piney Branch Rd., 7520-Steve ...and more »

Waldo County Registry of Deeds - Republican Journal
Waldo County Registry of DeedsRepublican JournalFannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Joel D. Ploszaj. John D. Mannette and Kathleen D. Mannette to Carolyn Miller ... Storm Gould and Rhoda Gould to Melissa S. Lanier. Searsport: Randy Matthews Estate to Tammie M. Merrifield and ...

FTC: Jacksonville attorney involved in mortgage relief scheme -
FTC: Jacksonville attorney involved in mortgage relief schemeActionNewsJax.comAccording to a press release issued by the FTC, the commission accuses Lanier and his companies of violating the FTC Act, deceptive representations, material misrepresentations, collecting advance payments in violation of the Mortgage Assistance Relief ...and more »

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  • Margin: The percentage difference between the index for a specific loan and the interest rate charged. This is a number already set by the lender.
  • Market Value: The price at which a given property or product is transacted between a willing, unhurried buyer and a seller who know all the pertinent facts about the property.
  • Mortgage Banker: A financial institution who directly funds home loans, sells them to investors, arranges monthly payments and handles escrow. Some mortgage bankers sell their loans on the secondary market.
  • Mortgage Broker: A broker arranges financing for borrowers with a variety of lenders. A mortgage broker does not make the loan, but receives payments for its services.
  • Mortgage Insurance: It is insurance to protect the lender in case you default on your loan. With conventional loans, mortgage insurance is generally not required if you make a down payment of at least 20% of the home's appraised value. It is also known as PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).
  • Mortgage Loan: A loan for which a specific real estate property serves as collateral to provide for repayment in case of default.
  • Mortgage Refinance: A refinanced mortgage is one in which a borrower pays down an old loan with a new loan. People who refinance a mortgage tend do so to get a lower interest rate, lowering their payments or to take cash out of their home equity.
  • Mortgagee: The lender in a mortgage loan relationship. Property is used as collateral to make payment.
  • Mortgagor: The borrower in a mortgage loan relationship. Property is used as collateral to make payment.

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